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Where image meets innovation

The meeting place for industry specialists

Print. Textile. Gifts.

Euroexpo Fairs brings together all the industry’s key factors.

PRINT & TEXTILE INDUSTRY DAYS is an event format that offers you a new experience: to present marketing strategies in the form of an Exhibition Hall and Conference Lounge for 3 industries – digital print, textile industry, and promotional items industry.

For 3 days, the exhibition hall and the conference programs combine marketing and LIVE demonstrations, to inform specialists. What innovative technologies and solutions currently exist in the digital print, textile, and promotional industries for premium products? The emphasis is both on individual solutions and on the interaction of all elements for an effective strategy, which can be applied to your company.

Both exhibitors and speakers will present you with their vision on these industries’ futures in the age of digitalization, both at their stand and in the rich conference program.

Conference Lounge is the heart of the event. This is where exhibitors meet their visitors for in-depth debates about topics of great interest to all three industries, discussions on the products and services on display. The specially arranged space in the exhibition’s center offers companies the perfect setting for bringing together the interests of supply and demand.

The digital printing industry is growing in the commercial print area, including packaging applications, which are proving to be much more efficient in direct communication between manufacturer and customer. In addition, the pandemic has created new opportunities in the label, decoration, signage, and textile sectors.

PRINT & TEXTILE INDUSTRY DAYS offers you a LIVE experience, where all technical solutions become tangible, through practical applications and everyday scenarios useful to buyers who use advertising and communication strategies. It is the best meeting place for all the important decision-makers in the digital printing industry, suppliers, and manufacturers, who come together to define the future together.
The pandemic effects are felt in the Romanian textile industry at the business level, which is facing large stocks of goods and low demand. Now we need, more than ever, creative entrepreneurs and solutions to revive the industry, to promote and encourage the consumption of Romanian products.

We have innovative technologies, and we produce the future's materials, we just must find the solutions to make our business more efficient. This is where the PRINT & TEXTILE INDUSTRY DAYS event comes in - a unique attraction for companies from the textile industry to showcase, debate, and experiment with innovative technologies, business trends, and new strategic approaches to relaunching the industry.
Keep up with the latest marketing trends. See what promotional items you need to offer your potential customers to increase engagement and build lasting relationships with them. What are the most cost-efficient promotional products? Interact directly with consumers and offer them new experiences.

Build your story and expose it at PRINT & TEXTILE INDUSTRY DAYS! We offer you 3 days rich in interactive content, face-to-face discussions with specialists in the field, and conferences on current topics (e-commerce, branding, eco-friendly promotional items).

Who are the exhibitors?

Companies in the digital printing industry, the textile industry, or the promotional products industry want to benefit from the unique opportunity to promote their products and services with the big players in the industry, both in an exhibition space and through a rich conference program.

Target exhibitors

digital and offset print, large format, textile, and industrial print, engraving, serigraphy and tampography, digital sign, display and exposure systems, displays POS, materials, consumable, accessories, printing houses, production workshops, advertising agencies, publications, research and educational institutions, associations.

machinery and equipment for textile industry, software, embroidery, lacing, publications, research and educational institutions, associations.

current or luxury promotional items from textile, leather, plastic, paper, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, wax and resin, recycled materials, handmade, trophies, badges, medals, cups.

5 reasons to
be an exhibitor

More than an exhibition

Showcase your innovative technologies, creative products, and marketing solutions both in the Exhibition Hall and in the Conference Lounge.

Discuss topics of great interest to you

As a speaker at the Conference Lounge, you address the most important topic for your business in front of an informed and receptive audience.

Talk face to face with the specialists

For 3 days, you could have the opportunity to talk directly with specialists in advertising production, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and technicians in the textile industry, advertising agencies, interior design, which are interested in innovative and efficient solutions, but also strategic approaches.

Expand business

Print & Textile Industry Days are the meeting place for industry specialists, where your presence matters for networking and business development.

Along with the best

Join the most important brands in the three industries that contribute to the recovery of the Romanian economy.

Where image meets innovation

Conference schedule

3 industries in one event

PRINT & TEXTILE INDUSTRY DAYS is more than just an exhibition
– it’s a LIVE experience.

The 13 captivating themes that we propose to focus on are innovations, trends, visions, and solutions for the digital printing industry, textile, and promotional items industry, following the thread of the entire journey of the customer in relation to the supplier.

  • Business digitization
  • Equipment software. Direct production.
  • The role and opportunity of artificial intelligence. Robotics in industry.
  • What are the industry futures? What challenges are on the horizon?
  • Ecommerce
  • The reality of the industry in the post-pandemic era
  • The 3D + 4D printers future
  • Materials of the future
  • The colors of the future
  • Sustainable. Eco. Biodegradable.
  • Bioprinting and biometric sensors
  • Special solutions for treating fabrics. The finished product.
  • Interior decorations

Opening hours

November 10th and 11th: 10:00 – 17:00

November 12th: 10:00 – 16:00

The conferences will be organized in two panels, with breaks between them: 11: 00-13: 00 and 14: 00-16: 00.

The agenda will be detailed soon.


The visitor’s access will be free, with the observance of all preventive hygiene norms in force at the event’s opening.

Ask for details

Anne Istrate, Project Manager

0722. 649. 945