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On October 5th, 2022, starting at 14:00, we invite you to Romexpo, in Madgearu Hall (B3), for the “Next-gen Production Processes” Conference! During 2 hours, top speakers from the entrepreneurial environment come to offer the best information regarding the technological processes’ digitization in advertising industry companies. Find out what user-friendly solutions are available to get rid of Excel records, papers, and signatures, in favor of real-time operating systems!


Andrei Stanciu

2:00 AM - 2:30 AM

B3 Hall, Romexpo, Bucharest

ANDREI STANCIU - Co-founder & CEO of iFlows Technologies

Andrei Stanciu will be a speaker on the Importance of digitalization in the advertising industry topic.

"In more than 15 years of entrepreneurship, I ran into all the problems, especially the need to be involved in all the companies' activities - I thought that only in this way, the client would receive a good product. It probably works for a while, but surely at some point managers who choose this practice end up focusing more on Operations than on Development. This is how the myintranet project was born, which appeared as a solution to this problem, with the mission of <Releasing the Manager from the Company's Operations>. Why do I believe in this project? Because it was built based on our values: efficiency, innovation, and performance."


2:30 AM -3:00 AM

B3 Hall, Romexpo, Bucharest

CĂTĂLIN TIMOFTE - Creative Director CityAD

Cătălin Timofte will be a speaker on the Importance of digitalization in the advertising industry topic.

"Manager of the CityAD-Signalistic company since 2018, the first contact with the advertising production industry was in 2007, at the age of 22. At the beginning of 2018, we established the CityAD-Signalistica company. Since the beginning of 2022, we have implemented the iFlows order management system, with the possibility of online monitoring in real-time, with the help of which we have simplified our bidding processes and tracking production stages, and at the same time, we have significantly reduced the losses generated. Since we increased the production capacity, today we are an important player in the advertising production market, operating mainly in the Moldova area."


3:00 AM - 3:30 AM

B3 Hall, Romexpo, Bucharest

MARIUS GHENEA – Partner Venture Capital Catalyst Romania

As a special guest, Marius Ghenea will conclude the debate on the Importance of digitization in the advertising industry with a presentation from the entrepreneur's perspective.

Partner in Venture Capital Catalyst Romania investment fund (3TS Capital Partners), serial entrepreneur and business angel with successful investments in Eastern Europe, Marius Ghenea is one of the top businessmen in Romania. Co-founder of Venture Connect, a support platform for tech start-up entrepreneurs and investors, he has been involved in many educational activities, being a professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and New Business Ventures at the Maastricht School of Management, Executive MBA program. He was also co-organizer of the School for Startups Romania, the first entrepreneurship school in Southeast Europe, and one of the founders of the BusinessDrive program for entrepreneurs and managers.

Alina Anton

3:40 AM - 4:00 AM

B3 Hall, Romexpo, Bucharest

ALINA ANTON – Managing Partner ARIAUnited

Alina Anton will be a speaker on Accessing European programs on digitalization topic.

Dr. Alina Anton has over 10 years of experience in international business, working with top companies to obtain funding directly from the European Commission (through the FP7, Horizon 2020, AAL, Celtic-Plus programs, portfolio of over 4.5 million euros), structural financing in Romania and Central and South-Eastern Europe and non-reimbursable financing. Over the past decade, she has been actively involved in providing various institutions with the opportunity to grow and lay the foundations for sustainable development, becoming an expert in identifying, accessing, winning, and successfully implementing business and funding opportunities for various entities. Within 10 years she won and implemented innovative projects for start-ups, large companies, universities, and NGOs.

SEE YOU AT PRINT&SIGN, BETWEEN October 4th and 7th, 2022!

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